Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thor Again

Tried to get a little more refined with my brush work...threw in a FX lightning custom brush for effect...
The movie comes out next week and I am looking forward to a fun, good guy, action film. I think this may call for a studio offsite meeting!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was telling the kids about Thor and Norse take on the God of Thunder...spent an hour on a color detail that failed completely and in frustration started this 10 min visual rant...It turned out much more successful than the previous hour, threw everything and the kitchen sink at this...I like the lower beard and the eyebrow..still lost in the storm of brushstroke with little control...but not boring...

 the original sketch  ...still trying to keep figure this out...

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Favorite

Still working on the script, but the illustration tells the whole story!!!!

The queen

Here is a quick doodle in photoshop.  I used some textured brushes and some standard fills...I like the belt and skirt, and the right side dark background...

Space Race

Ethan had an idea for the wheelless car in a we are working a new painting to come soon....I've got one guy on top and one on bottom on a ladder on the side and a motion blurred couple of racers on top....stands are in the background for the spectators...I really liked the little robot on the right ....really, time for bed now!!!!

The Wrestler

I need to work on characters for the next few days.  Here is a bruiser with a serious look on his face.  I started with a doodle and it led to this.  Mixing charcoal fill brush with the thin sketch brush.  I really like his right arm, and some of his hair and beard and the right foot.....time for bed again....more later.
 Started as a doodle.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just another pretty face

Looking at tutorials on painting and I am still struggling.  I started with the sketch below that I like.  It was quick and gestural, the line quality and dynamic makes it interesting...I think ...but ...

 The color versions lost a lot in translation!  Still plastic looking and a much more "Vacant" look in her eyes...elements are getting out of proportion  , I need to finish the eyes lips and hair details ( not much left if you leave that out eh?) ...getting very late time for bed ...better luck tomorrow ....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When meetings get boring ....

Here are a few doodles in pencil while waiting for a model to transfer or render or just for a break in the day.
I should, (all of us), should be doing these more often.  ...but it is a good chance to mentally check out for a bit during the day and take a creative break. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jack and the English Navy

Another bed time improv... Jack was lost at sea during a frightful storm only to find himself rescued, and later taken prisoner, by an English Navy captain from the past.  Here the Captain and his first mate examine items found on Jack and ask questions about their use and function.   To find out how Jack and the Captain are connected and the secret of the map,  you will have to ask Ethan or Natalie...

The sketch was done in marker and colored in Photoshop...still out of control but it was a quickie...gray scales with a overlay and multiply layer for color....fill brushes for block color and a blender to soften some edges....

 Below is page one ...Jack is on sea recovering from a terrible storm sailing for weeks without sight of land or communication with any other ship ....until he spots a ship,

 Page 2, the captain is obviously at a loss to explain such a strange vessel as Jack's...taken aboard as a spy the captain and crew start asking questions that Jack has no answer to....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fairy for Natalie

This started as another marker sketch, I thought I would try to come up with a good bedtime story for Natalie.  The fairy has long feathered wings coming from her back.  Flowers on her wrists, neck and waist.  She is holding a little wand, casting some magic to help the flower bloom. The Fairy looks a little uninterested in her duties at the moment but she let me play with shape light and darks in photoshop. I liked the vignette at the bottom ....
Also, I picked up a really great book at the library today from Carl Purcell...anyway...again time for bed.
 Here is the original marker sketch...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Room School house

Mom was educated in a one room school house.  All the grades together and a stove that needed coal and lighting every morning. Life on the farm...I am using a charcoal brush with blending tool and a little color and fill
an overlay layer to mute and color correct...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have no idea what this is obviously a little dark for this site but still an experiment...I was playing with shape layers and vector graphics and it led to this, just goofing around...I like some of the textures though....It is very late at night and I am only half awake anyway...oh well time for bed.

Ethan and Natalie Practice

I made them practice together one morning.  They did a lot of it on their own.  Natalie on the keys and E with his violin.  Just a quick sketch to remember the moment.

Monday, April 11, 2011

ATV ride

I was doing some sketches at work for a presentation that never happened. This is a ATV proposal with open framed pillars.  I did the sketch with marker and a brush pen.  Gradations and color in Photoshop.  I had fun with the perspective and playin in the mud!

This is for Steven as my first "follower" on the new blog...I hope you like...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Color Ogre

Tried it with a different color scheme to get more contrast and more of a sense of danger.  I hope this puts a little more punch to the image...Through in some texture overkill also but I need to build up a good collection of textures ....any way time for bed.
Just a quick study in color a little texture...done in Photoshop.  This was drawn with some brush markers and fine tip felt markers...Arthur looks down and sees the crack in the bridge and the chickens give him an idea.

The Ogre and King Arthur

Here is another improvised bed time story for my kids. King Arthur was called to save a village from an evil Ogre.  (...not like Shrek)... Arthur could not overpower the huge beast and was forced to retreat.  He found a narrow bridge which he realized could not hold the weight of the Ogre. Using his wits he taunted the monster by dancing like a chicken until the Ogre lost his evil temper and ran across the bridge.  Half way across the bridge collapsed and Ogre fell into the river and was carried out to sea and away for the village forever.  Not the greatest story but trying to teach the kids what happens when you lose your temper.  Also, that fighting my not always be the best option.  The chicken dancing seemed to be the favorite part for them...anyway...

The Purple Dragon

This was a bed time story about King Arthur and the Purple Dragon.  Woken from his Purple mountain cave by rude townspeople, the dragon marched toward the beautiful city of White Oak burning all in sight.  Arthur stopped the Dragon with by appealing to his heart, convincing him not to let foolish words destroy a town truly unique and beautiful.  The village, and the one of a kind white oak tree at its center, where saved from the dragon's wrath.