Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time To Go

Sometimes time passes quickly and you miss all the small clues until that moment when,  be it fate, luck or destiny,  it finally bites you in the butt....And if you are lucky you realize its time for a change.  Scamper and Mousey had one to many close calls....and decided to move on. Scamper and Mousey are the names given by Ethan and Natalie to this pair.

Photoshop rendering...I wanted to play with light in a more dramatic way.  He finally "sees the light" as it were. This took 2.5 hours from a true blank piece of paper.  Trying get more of a scene, and story telling, move away from just technique pieces.  I like the textures and the feet and floor.  Notice the poop droppings ....Mousey lost composure on this close call....Implied fir textures...with the main character in shadow I was hoping for drama and contrast but I may have to revisit this in a few days.
Time for bed....

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Playing around with Photoshop again...found this picture on Art Deviant (  beautiful photo by woman, Tenori-Tiger from Russia....anyway...used it as reference. The photo outdoes the sketch but best I can do now... Took me about 4 hours...lets do the 3 day test...see if I like it after 3 days....Let me know if anyone ever sees this by dropping a comment...

Here is a detail

Here is the full view...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Cow is the creation of a very dedicated PUBLIC school teacher my son had for 2nd grade.  He makes teaching fun enjoyable for the kids.  I added a little bulk to his muscles, and I never actually met the flying pig.