Monday, January 16, 2012

Car sketch day

Another boring meeting ended in a few sketches...thought I would add color and send to Ethan's 2nd grade teacher...going in Friday for another "Art Parent" day! Always a great change of pace and the kids are fun to draw with. Marker sketches ...dried out tip for texture...color via photoshop..check out paint spatter brush
any car guys ....don't laugh these were just some fun doodles...give me a break!:)

Monday, January 2, 2012

EVB - Evil Villain in Black

Characters from my son's 2nd grade class.  He has a very creative teacher!  Thought it would make a funny poster.  Not finished yet needs some clean up.  Photoshop with filler brush mostly...not enough textures and I am very timid with color. Been a while since my last post.  I need to get motivated again...back to work after the holidays.  Happy New year!
Revised version: