Sunday, August 14, 2011

more fuzzy

Lorene says my mice look like rats or still working on the right look for these little guys.  Worried about this taking way to long but I am just working to slow...This little guys looks cute today..will see if he looks good tomorrow.  Used a marker base with a new fur bristle brush and my smudge tool for the blending ....overlays for color...I like the front leg.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

pencil anxiety

The pencil was much to large for the little mouse to he had to get creative...
(another test page...I enlarge these and am working at double scale...they look good until reduced and on the blog..then I see the value and shape issues at a smaller scale...need to work on this)

three colored mice

Study of different furry textures and coloring...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rough sketches

Here is a test with a furry little mouse.  "Rough" (or "Mousey" as Ethan and Natalie call him) is just starting to tell his story of searching for his lost friend (Tumble) in the city of Plymouth, Michigan.  More test renders to come...color is off and I need to look at the details...but having fun so far.

Color mice

Trying to figure out the rendering style of the mice.  Thinking I would render the mice more realistic in contrast to the loose sketches....not sure about this yet.  I need to do a lot more sketching....Used a photoshop with a good filler brush for the base....a stippled blender with scatter on for the fir effect...and a color layer overlay to bring out the oranges, warms and cools....added a little torn page effect because a mouse traveler may get hungry and nibble on his own work :)  Not sure if I like this...time for bed about 2 hours ago..the little guy looks worried!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A mouse's tail

I am starting a new project looking into digital books and are a few images of what I hope to be releasing soon.  More to come and wish me luck...