Thursday, February 16, 2012

William Tell in Progress...

    The left side is a scan from my sketchbook done in marker.  The Second page pen work done in photoshop.  Still trying to find the correct pens and inking style but starting to mix up line weights for interest.
     The evil king feels the poor farmers turning to archery are a danger to his knights.  They present a threat he must remove.  In desperation the king rounds up all the villagers and prepares to make their best archer, William, and example.  Mocking poor William by saying he would give him his crown if he could shoot the apple off his son's head with one shot.  The king has second thoughts seeing the determination and conviction in Williams eyes but the day is William's .....and the rest is history...or at least my version....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

William Tell

Told the story of William Tell for bed time a few nights ago.  I took quite a few liberties in the telling,  but had fun with it.  I drew up some panels also to follow soon ....I wanted to refine the original sketches in my sketchbook so I will show bits out of order for are a few details done during a meetings today....quick studies but I had fun....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meeting notes

In a 3 hour meeting I found a chance to work on faces.  This was a presenter during a recent marketing meeting and a woman sitting across the way. Using a "uni-ball" pen, great for a thick bold line.  I need to get back to this site but have been focused on learning 3dsMax, hope to post something when I get some interesting images.  Got to go help Ethan with his 2nd grade poster, more later.