Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magic Box

Did a story last night about a "Magic Box" hidden below the town High River's cathedral for 700 years.  Once every 100 years the box is raised and opened letting out all the magic hidden within.  The legend goes that the box must be left alone unopened for 100 years between openings or a curse will fall upon the town.  Jack the Black enters the town preaching to the people that, in fact, the box is filled with dark secrets and must not be trusted.  Convinced the hidden box would only bring evil, the towns people ignore tradition.   They create a deceitful plan to send the box to a neighboring village, claiming it as a valuable gift of friendship.  Letting the small village of Low River suffer the terrible fate, while satisfying the curiosity of the townspeople.  In the end,  Jack the Black ushers the box to his home town, Low River, tricking the people of High River out of their most prized possession.

The panels are out of sequence a bit...and the trickster Jack looks more evil than he should...but I had fun with this and it was done in one sitting...I may clean and revisit some day...