Sunday, May 17, 2015

Editing painful

Editing can be a bit painful. As KRC is getting close.

Almost finished until I gave my wife a job to edit the text.  She texted me asking if she could cut my pages apart to rearrange frames.  She took an axe to my 28 pages and I didn't take it well. But as usual she was right.  Her suggestions on page flow, text, character development and more have brought out a much better story.  It means a step back, maybe two, from where I thought I was in my timing.  It's well worth the effort.  It has made me rethink just when is it the perfect time to bring in a critique.  She saw the earlier stages in rough, but at those stages intent was still unclear.  In the rough it is very difficult for a critiquer to know really what you are planning on changing vs. keeping. If you wait until your intent is clearer, changes can become more painful.  But the input is often more focused and valuable. Still learning that sweet spot in my development process to share.