Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Recent Conversations

     Had a couple of interesting conversations recently.
     First, I met a friend of mine for a beer at the local Box Bar and we talked about pursuing creative projects outside of work.  He has been managing  the site Driven Mavens please check it out if you like drawing, art or cars. Arvind is a man of many talents, just one is drawing and rendering cars. He ran a successful kickstarter campaign and is growing his online profile. We had a great talk, as we are getting older the value of what we are spending our creative energy on becomes more and more important. I enjoy my work but at the end of the day I do want to create something that comes from me without outside demands. I want to know if my perspective and values, shaped largely by art and working in a creative field, are shared by others outside of the office/industry.
     He had a number of good ideas about how I should start to find my audience. But it was just fun to share my thoughts with someone (other than my wife, who has to listen) about why I spend hours sketching stories.  Why I like to sketch with younger kids who have vivid imaginations and no internal critics. It also brought to mind the need to surround yourself with positive, motivated people. People who share your interests and enthusiasm.  People you can learn from and be inspired by....and the beer was good.

Check out Arvind at Driven Mavens